Invest in Gold

What’s more, gold is a safe investment in comparison to the current turbulent times that paper money is facing. The euro is facing extinction, and many other monetary systems are in serious jeopardy. Even the dollar, which is only 150 years old, is seeing declines in its strength, and some financial gurus are predicting its decline. But gold is another story. Sure, it may go up and down over time, but one thing remains true: gold will always hold its value over the long term. We’ve seen play out throughout history, and will continue to see gold retain its value in the future.

You see, gold can’t just be printed arbitrarily like paper money can. There is only a certain amount of gold, and that’s the reason that it can’t be negatively affected by inflation or falling currencies values. If you haven’t already added gold to your portfolio, consider these four ways to do just that.

1-Ounce Bars

Perhaps the most popular way to buy gold, 1-ounce gold bars are used by both individual investors and countries alike. They are easy to store because they’re smaller than some of their counterparts, and are designed to for easy stacking. Gold bars are known for their purity—at least 99 percent, and contain 1 troy ounce of gold. Their size makes them an affordable investment for just about anyone.

1-Ounce Coins

If you want to invest in gold, but need to do so slowly due to financial restraints, 1-ounce gold coins may be the avenue for you. Small and easily stored, gold coins have long been many investors favorite way of acquiring gold. You can buy them one at a time, and slowly build your portfolio, or you can purchase them in bulk. Many dealers will give a reasonable discount for investors who purchase ten or more gold coins at one time.

Maple Leaves

The Canadian gold maple leave coin is perhaps one of the most widely recognized and respected gold coins in the world. It has been traded on the market since 1979, and was the first gold coin to be minted with 99.99 percent purity—the best you can find. Because this coin enjoys international liquidity, it is the perfect investment for those who want to be able to trade worldwide.

Gold American Eagles

Gold American Eagles are the number one gold bullion coins in the world, and there’s a very good reason for that. They are backed 100 percent by the United States government, as are their weight, purity and content. That’s why it’s accepted worldwide in all of the investment circles and markets. Gold American Eagles hold their value, no matter what the market conditions are, because their value is not tied in to stocks or bonds. In addition, they’re liquidity is renown—it’s easy to convert them to cash almost anywhere in the world.

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